Who we are

Foodtopia is an innovative and disruptive project, based on a new (patented) production technology and the production of food in independent local and urban factories.

Our aim is to create 100% balanced natural foods which follow traditional recipes, and have high gastronomic quality at an affordable price with the minimum impact on the environment, health care and social services.

“Food” is an essential and universal right but the democratisation of access to a genuine  quality diet remains an unresolved issue. A diet which is completely balanced in the intake of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and trace elements  and allows for:

• the growth and development of children

• the upkeep of health and activity in adults

• the survival, comfort and quality of life for the elderly.

• the elimination of non creative time spent in the kitchen without loss to culinary traditions.

• the recuperation of the memory of really tasty food and the reviving of local culinary traditions.

• an increase to the maximum in individual opportunities for success and happiness.

• safeguarding a habitable living environment for humans and other species.

• the perpetuation of a civilised society

We aim to guarantee a nutritional and calorific daily intake at a much lower price than that to which we have become accustomed, and to  show that there is no reason why eating healthily should  cost little more than half of what we currently spend.

In this way we introduce a revitalising factor in the economy, which combined with a reduction in health care, environmental and relocation costs and, through its diet, will allow society to live in concord with its habitat. The nutritional savings made by the local population should be invested in wind and solar power in order to obtain local decarbonisation and generate green employment.

To set up neighbourhood shops and factories which would produce a new food sovereignty, with qualified professionals giving access to food sources which could become the most powerful medicine, in a context of high savings ( in food, packaging, energy, environmental, health and social expenses) and the encouragement of an individual self development in maximum empathy with the habitat introducing a new nutritional paradigm: “the responsible diet”.

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